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The Hack

Hello, Doctor?

My lungs are fucked up.

Last night I coughed hard for an hour and a half after my allergies were triggered by the incense aisle at a porn store.

The past few days before that, I’d been hacking a lot anyways after I’d been exposed to clay dust clouds while cleaning out cages at a no-kill cat shelter.

So I’m wondering if you could squeeze me in because my dad just died of COPD-related respiratory failure so I thought I should get checked out.

I usually have a lot of sinus issues but that’s it. Even when I get the flu, it hits me from the neck up, my lungs used to stay nice and clear. I never had a worry about those, before.

I’m not sure what this is, but I think it might be allergy-related asthma.

Or maybe mesothelioma.

Also, my mom scrubbed the bathroom floors with Pine Sol and it made me feel faint, then afterwards, like with the kitty litter I inhaled, my lungs feel tight for a couple days after.

And there’s a metallic taste associated with the cough. Like there’s a little bit of blood in with it somewhere.

Once I coughed up something and decided to spit it out and it had a faint pink tinge, but that only happened once, so I decided against the Emergency Room.

I’m free between 9 and 2 tomorrow. The only other thing I have to do is pick up my prescription for lidocaine. The lady at the laser center where I’m having my tattoo burned off told me they’d call it in.

I’ll wait until after I see you to get it, in case you prescribe anything for my lung condition too.

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