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Pep Talk

(For my daughter who starts fifth grade tomorrow)

Listen, kiddo –
If that mean kid
who picked on you last year
starts hating on you again,
I want you to look her in the face
and call her a bitch.
Really.You have my permission
to use strong words
to defend yourself.
I’ll have your back.
Stare her down,
say it loud and firm.
You are such a bitch.
Then you will get called
to the principal’s office
and I will get a call from him.
I will go in and let them know
if somebody’s teasing you,
then you will stand up for yourself
and I would expect no less.
And that I told you to use bad words
so it would be called to their attention
that someone is pestering you that much.
I’ll suggest that he also call
whoever was teasing you and her mom
in for a discussion about whatever
it was that got you swearing
in the first place. She smiled,
then paused questioningly.
What if it’s a boy? she asked me.
Then he is an asshole.
Oh! Of course, she realized.
Atta girl. Go get ’em, Tiger.
You’re a good kid
and as you know, not everyone is
as cool as you and me.
I want you to do what’s right.
Don’t let anybody beat you down,
you don’t have to take it.
Be you’re sweet self
and remember that
when someone’s mean to you,
you’re not being a bitch
(or an asshole)
to stand up for yourself,
get in their face,
and tell them so.

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