Oh, The Trouble

Three servings of my favorite
coleslaw with sesame oil
and raisins. It looks like shit
but tastes amazing! Also
two heaping plates of spinach salad
with huge slices of clean, raw
mushrooms, which I also love,
and even though I don’t ever eat
Canadian bacon, I love pineapple
and found a piece of Hawaiian
pizza with no meat on it,
and it turned out the sauce was BBQ,
yum! And I struck up a conversation
with some people sitting next to me
who were discussing the original
Star Trek TV show but couldn’t
remember The Trouble with Tribbles.
They asked me about my right arm tattoo,
Love in Japanese. It turns out
they’d been to Japan
years ago, got caught
in a different earthquake,
nothing like this year’s.
I told them I was half Japanese
and they asked me if it’s the right half
because that’s the arm with the Kanji.
I never thought of it like that before.
If that half is Japanese, then I guess
that means the other is run-of-the-mill
tribal trashy wall-art American.
Well, you can’t argue with that
logic, can you?